PTL has over 30 years experience chain trenching, boring and plowing for utilities and pipelines, including natural gas, electrical cable, fiber optic, water & sewer, telephone, and oil & gas.

These 3 decades have seen numerous changes in technology, equipment, material, and techniques. With these changes has come growth, and with growth has come a desire to embrace advancement without sacrificing the environment through traditional methods. The expectation has never been stronger that whenever possible, industry should and will choose alternative methods that leave a smaller footprint.

PTL is committed to environmental protection and by continuously adapting, has built a fleet of equipment focused on alternative methods that achieve minimal ground disturbance. We are fortunate to have an experienced team of professionals who get the job done right the first time, as quickly as possible, without compromising the integrity of our work, jeopardizing health and safety, or causing unnecessary environmental damage and ground disturbance.

Which of the following installation methods is right for your project?

Chain Trenching

Chain Trenchers provide quick and efficient burial of shallow utilities all year round. Frozen ground poses no problem; widths range from 8″ to 12″ wide, and depths of up to 7 feet.

  • Greatly reduced ground disturbance compared to traditional methods
  • Cost effective where surface restoration and crowded areas are not issues
  • Backhoe and blade attachment for rock removal, backfilling, etc; one chain trencher can do the work of 3 different machines
  • Does not require large work crews; very low traffic disruption and air pollution compared to equipment used in traditional open-cut
  • Frost chains slice through very hard ground, allowing year-round operation
  • Fast installation – Average 600 metres per day depending on soil conditions


Plowing is very efficient for longer distances when the ground is not frozen. The plow lifts the ground, lays the pipe in, the soil falls back to where it was, and is then compacted. The benefit of this method is that there is minimal soil mixing.

  • Minimal ground damage with no mixing of soils, near zero compaction, and low traffic disruption
  • In open and cross-country settings, this is the most economical, time-saving, and air pollution saving option; up to 5 kilometers can sometimes be completed in one day
  • Plow at a depth up to 5 feet; install pipe or cable up to 2 inch; leaves very little evidence insertion of a pipe or cable has occurred
  • The pipe or cable is laid completely behind the plow blade, before the trench has time to collapse
  • Does not involve topsoil removal, shoring equipment, placement of bedding material, large work crews, or any of the environmentally disruptive activities involved in open-cutting

Horizontal Directional Drilling

HDD is a method of installing utilities with zero ground disturbance. Although typically used for crossing highways and roads, HDD has become popular in all kinds of situations, especially where there are obstacles such as trees, corrals, fences, or sloughs. Years of investing time and money beautifying your yard need not be sacrificed if you require heat in your barn, a bathroom in your workshop, or power to your watering bowls.

  • Non-invasive and trenchless providing the least amount of surface disturbance
  • Bore up to a depth of 20 feet and up to a distance of 1000 feet, pull back pipe up to a diameter of 12 inch
  • Restoration cost savings are tremendous in landscaped and developed areas where parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, streets, lawns, flower beds, and trees will be undamaged
  • Obstacles such and fences, sheds, corrals, barns, and existing lines become non-issues when we can simply bore underneath them
  • Sensitive areas on leases and other congested commercial properties can remain untouched
  • Eliminated is the extra cost and ground disturbance required to bypass streams, lakes and sloughs
  • Fast installation – Average completion of two, 100 meter bores per day, allows our crew to move-in, get the job done, and move-out without the long disruptions to your operations often associated with open-cut
  • Heated mud truck enables year-round operation
  • Falcon F5 guiding system provides a precise profile of the distance and depth of the completed bore

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